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As anyone reading this blog probably knows, I moved from Memphis, TN to Los Angeles in August.  Our move’s main purpose was so my partner Lee could start graduate school at AFI (the best film school in the world – go Lee!).  The transition to the left coast, away from friends and family, doula babies, professional connections and mentors, was pretty excruciating at first.  My only solace for the first few months of loneliness and confusion was to tap into the unbridled joy of my husband pursuing his dreams and loving every second of it.  It has now been four months since our move and I am settling, finally beginning to feel like myself again, but not the same self.  Making this move has changed me and I feel that I still have a lot of growing to do to fill this new role of LA Becca.  I am open to the infinite possibilities that exist in this enormous, diverse city.  I may never fully be an Angelino, but in honor of my acceptance that I now live in Los Angeles, I have created a Top 5 List of the reasons I love my new hometown.

#5: FOOD – If you want barbeque, go to Memphis, but for basically everything else, LA is a tasty place.  From the easy access to great homegrown organic produce for cheap cheap cheap to the wide variety of delicious unexpected culinary experiences, I love everything about cooking and eating in LA.

#4: DASC (The Doula Association of Southern California) – How can over 200 “strangers” feel so much like a family?  Coming from a town with only a few working doulas, I am overwhelmed at the warmth, inclusiveness, diversity, and acceptance of the women of DASC.  It is inspiring to see how each doula in DASC is encouraged rather than competed with, as well as DASC’s commitment to bridging gaps with the medical community and providing doula care to every mother in LA that wants a doula.

#3: GRIFFITH PARK – Somehow when we had three days to look for an apartment, we lucked into living in Los Feliz, right next to the awe-inspiring vistas of Griffith Park (partially thanks to my aunt Sunny, so she deserves a shout out).  I have found that it is terribly hard to stay depressed when running or hiking, exploring the myriad paths and secret beauties of this area.  (Another quick shout to Kyrie: my partner in crime in exploring Griffith Park, amongst many other pursuits, who I would probably have given her own slot on this top 5 list if it wouldn’t have been a little too much PDA).

#2: WEATHER – Glorious glorious temperate amazingness.  There would be no way to enjoy Griffith Park or other fantastic outdoor activities in the LA area if it weren’t for this fabulous climate.  Being able to spend nearly every day of the year outdoors in comfort without umbrellas, heavy coats or a personal cooling device has been a remarkable and very appreciated change of pace.

#1: OLYMPIC DAY SPA – Olympic Day Spa is so fabulous that it feels like it could have manifested out of my dreams, if only my dreams were a bit more peaceful.  On the one hand, it is a no nonsense Korean spa experience.  On the other hand, each time I go, I leave feeling a pervading sense of calm and an immediate pull to go back.  (One last quick shout out to my cousin Courtney for introducing me to this decadent experience).

I have made peace with Los Angeles in knowing that, just given the items above, I could live happily here and there is so much more for me to explore.  For those of you that live in Los Angeles who aren’t native, please feel free to share your LA Top 5 sanity savers.


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2 Responses to “Los Angeles Top 5”

  1. Sara December 15, 2011 5:26 pm #

    Dear LA Becca,

    I love this entire post. I totally know how hard it can be to move to a new city but based on your Top 5 and, of course, your amazing guy, it sounds like you are in a great place – literally and emotionally.

    My suggestion – discover one new area of the city once a month. Learn everything you can about it – the cool places to go, eat, shop, learn. And in no time the city won’t feel quite so big.


    • Becca December 16, 2011 11:52 am #

      That is great advice Sara. I used to do that weekly when I was studying abroad.

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