Holiday Gifts for a Mama to Be

If you want to spoil a pregnant mama over the holidays this year, here are some great gift ideas to help show her you care.

1.  Prenatal Massage – There is no better way to pamper a pregnant woman than to gift her with a prenatal massage.  Whether you find a massage therapist who can come to her home or send her to a fancy spa, make sure that the therapist specializes in prenatal massage.  Another similar option would be to gift your pregnant friend with an organic manicure or pedicure.  Here in Los Angeles, check out the Mom-i-cures at the Bellacures locations.

2.  Prenatal Yoga Series – Exercise is so important in pregnancy and also feels so good.  Yoga is especially beneficial because it is not just physical exercise: it also teaches relaxation, which is vital during pregnancy and once her little one is born.  Seek out a studio in her area that offers regular prenatal yoga classes and purchase a series of classes on her behalf.  Other options would be membership to a local swimming pool if you live in a temperate area, or a series of prenatal exercise or belly dancing for pregnancy classes.

3.  Body Pillow – Suffice to say that both your pregnant friend and her partner will thank you for your purchase of a body pillow.  Sleeping during pregnancy can be challenging and before she starts building forts with all of the pillows in her house, see if a simple body pillow or two might make a nice fit to sleep with.  I am partial to the organic cotton body pillows from Gaiam.

4.  Birth Ball – A birth ball, also known as an exercise ball, is a great gift for pregnancy, labor and beyond.  The pregnant woman in your life can sit on it to strengthen her back and alleviate pelvic pain during late pregnancy, use it to shift positions and stay active during labor, and bounce her baby on it after her birth.  Most women fit a 65 cm ball well.  If a particular mama is really tall she might need a 75 cm ball and those of us who are vertically challenged benefit from a 55 cm option.

5.  Meal delivery service – It is vital to eat healthfully when pregnant, but it is also harder and harder to continue to to have the energy to prepare yourself meals.  A great gift for a pregnant family is a week’s worth of meals from a healthy meal delivery service.  Many services offer specialized meals for her particular food preferences (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, etc.) and most have several different package options available.

6.  Box of Coco Preggers – Chocolate is always a great gift, but Xan Confections, based locally, offers chocolate truffles infused with a prenatal vitamin – folic acid and all.  These “Coco Preggers” truffles are sold at local Whole Foods stores and at many other retailers and can also be ordered online.  Imagine a delicious treat that also replaces taking a pill for a day!

7.  Belly casting – Belly casting involves placing plaster on a mama’s belly, waiting for it to set, and then removing it to leave a tangible memory of her pregnant belly.  Many places that offer belly casting also help you decorate the cast once it is made.  If you are close to a pregnant mama and know that she would be open to having her pregnant belly memorialized, a belly cast is a really sweet memory of pregnancy.  You can purchase a kit and help her do it at home or hire someone who has done them before to help.  Another option might be hiring someone to do henna on her pregnant belly.  Though the henna is temporary, it shows up great in photographs and doesn’t take up floor space in a smaller home or apartment.

Though pregnant mamas are generally happy and accustomed to getting more gifts for their little one than for themselves, a thoughtful gift during pregnancy is often fondly remembered for a lifetime.

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