Fertility Resources


Taking Charge of Your Fertility
-by Toni Weschler
This book gives a good, easy to understand overview of how fertility works and why to chart your cycles. However, I found the method that she advocates for charting rather cumbersome. I recommend this book for general knowledge, but prefer using Billings for charting.

Before Your Pregnancy
-by Amy Ogle and Lisa Mazzullo
Written by a doctor and a dietician, this book is a great self-help book for how to take care of yourselves in the 90 days before trying to conceive. A bit more of a mainstream medical approach is taken on some topics.

Billings Ovulation Method

*The Billings method is a method of natural family planning. It is a very natural, safe and intuitive way to prevent, postpone or achieve pregnancy. It involves learning the natural signs of your fertility, tracking those signs and applying rules for when to have intercourse according to whether you are trying to get pregnant or not. It is very successful in helping women conceive and is also a great tool for your overall gynecological health. I personally used it for more than two years to prevent conception and then four months to achieve pregnancy and enjoy teaching the method and sharing it with others.

www.thebillingsovulationmethod.com (for more info on the Billings Method)

www.boma-usa.org (go here to find a list of Billings teachers in your area)

Request Information

Reproductive Endocrinologists

Dr. Rudy Quintero, MD, FACOG
CARE Fertility, Glendale

Dr. Michele Evans, MD
Pacific Fertility Center, Glendale

Mayan Abdominal Massage

Tao of Venus
Arvigo Method of Mayan Abdominal massage for fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and general women’s health. Silver Lake.

True Healing Bodywork
Marcia Lopez
Trained in the Arvigo Method of Mayan Abdominal massage for fertility and women’s health. Office appointments and house calls throughout the LA area.

Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine

FLOAT Chinese Medical Arts
Abigail Morgan and Jacqueline Gabardy
Specialize in acupuncture and Chinese medicine for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. Abigail is my personal acupuncturist and saw me through getting pregnant, pregnancy and postpartum.

Burbank Healing Arts Center
Susan Minich
Specializes in acupuncture and Chinese medicine for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. Is also a nurse midwife practicing at Kaiser Sunset.

Berlin Wellness Group
Jason Starr
Specializes in acupuncture and Chinese medicine for fertility.
various locations around the LA area

Back in Balance Wellness Center
Catherine Aquino
Specializes in fertility acupuncture and Chinese medicine.
Toluca Lake