Birth is a powerful transformative experience in the life of a mother and a family.  Nothing else in life is quite like a new life coming into the world.  It greatly affects everyone involved.  My goal for all families is that the day of their baby’s birth is a positive experience, no matter the circumstances.  As a birth doula, I work to help make that a reality.  Whether you are planning to birth in a hospital, at a birth center or at home and whether you are planning an unmedicated birth or to use pain medication, I can help make your family’s big day something you will remember with excitement for the rest of your life.

I can help you:

  • be more comfortable during your labor
  • with consistent physical and emotional support during the birthing process
  • have the confidence to make good decisions for yourself and your baby
  • celebrate your baby’s birth and the growth of your family

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“You did exactly what I needed during the birth – you helped both me and my husband, but followed my cues on what I needed. I love that you did not let me give up when I was ready to during the pushing stage. It was helpful knowing you were there to take care of things so I could focus on birthing my baby. I didn’t have to worry about anything. ”

– Aubrie Kobernus

“I had a birth experience that was beyond even my wildest hopes, and so much of the credit goes to your calm and caring nature the whole way through the night… every time I thought I couldn’t do it, you were there to center me and remind me that it was one step of the time and I never had to do that contraction again. The angels sent you!”

– Hailey Murray

“You helped give me the courage to do this naturally. Your manner as a doula is sensitive, responsive, proactive (especially in terms of caring for the husband/labor coach), supportive and mother focused.”

– Joann Selvidge

“You were a superstar during labor. You seemed to know what I needed before I even knew! Your manner is so calm, supportive, warm and relaxed. I felt like you were a very knowledgeable, supportive friend and that’s exactly what I needed.”

– Geeta Malik

“Your support was very helpful and filled in the gaps between the nurse’s intermittent visits. Your experience in having been at other births helped us with all of the questions we might have had. Everything you did was positive. You were very cheerful and had a great attitude. You understood our personalities enough to know how to work well with us.”

– Vijesh Malik

“Deciding to hire Becca was one of the most important decisions we made in preparing for the birth of our daughter… Knowing you would be there gave us the confidence we needed to achieve a natural birth in a hospital setting. I found your presence, words of encouragement and help to get comfortable to be extremely helpful. You would be among the first people I would call if I found out that I was pregnant again. ”

– Dana Stenvick

“The most helpful thing about having you as a doula was to have another knowledgeable person to discuss worries, concerns, questions and ideas with and the feedback that you provided. Your services were invaluable during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. It was a great relief to know that I could always contact you if needed. I actually felt like I was your only client! There isn’t a price you can put on that!”

– Laura Payne

“Becca was very thorough about finding out my birth preferences and she helped me create a birth plan. Having Becca was like having a security blanket, I felt at ease knowing she was there not only to support me emotionally and encourage me during a very painful labor, but she was there to protect me and advocate for me in the hospital. She kept me informed of medical interventions and interpreted information so that we could make good decisions.”

– Natalie Rotella-Meeks

“You were always focused on Meggan and ensuring she was comfortable and her needs were being met.”

– Jim Hill

“My favorite part about your support was how you were able to help Jim. He would have been a mess otherwise. I have no idea what Jim would have done if you weren’t there.”

– Meggan Hill

“Having you as a doula helped make this a very positive, life-changing experience.”

– Mary Natale

Birth Packages

Birth Doula Package – $2000

Includes 2 prenatal visits where we discuss your birth preferences and the ways I can best support you as your doula, being on call for the weeks surrounding your estimated due date, attending your birth, staying with you for the first hour or two postpartum to help facilitate early bonding and breastfeeding, a postpartum home meeting and debriefing session and phone and email support throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period. I take one birth per month to be best able to devote my attention to each mama, baby and family. Prenatal visits are held in my home office.

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