50 Births!!!

Just attended my 50th birth last week and assembled some statistics looking at these first 50. I am so humbled by my amazing clients!!!

78% first time moms, 22% 2nd or 3rd timers
26 girls, 24 boys, average weight at birth 7 Ibs 5 oz
Average length of labor: 18 hrs
Average length active labor, 1st stage: 9 hrs
Average time spent pushing: less than 2 hrs
72% hospital births, 28% home or birth center
64% attended by an OB, 36% by midwife
92% began labor naturally, 8% were induced
90% birthed vaginally, 10% delivered by C-section
72% labored naturally, 28% chose pain medication
96% successfully breast fed
100% were beautiful, life changing experiences

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