5 Top Fertility Tips

A few quick tips for those wanting to get pregnant…

Be patient.  It takes the average, healthy, young, fertile couple between 6 and 12 months to conceive.  If you have a few health issues between the two of you or are a little older it can take longer.  Unless you or your partner knows you have a health problem that could affect your fertility, don’t even think of seeking fertility advice before 12 months of trying to get pregnant.  I have worked with clients with health issues who have tried to get pregnant for up to 8 years and were able to conceive naturally by just continuing to try for a longer period of time.  Give up your time frame and know that you will conceive when the time is right.

Have more sex…and enjoy it.  This one seems completely logical to me, but I am consistently surprised by how many people start arranging their sex life based on their fertility as soon as the thought of a baby comes to mind and ignoring the fact that sex feels good and is good for your relationship.  Though you can only get pregnant during your fertile window, it is almost always a good idea to have more sex…and (this might shock you)…try to enjoy it.  Female orgasm during sex has been shown to benefit conception.  Unless you know that your male partner had a vasectomy reversal or suffers from low fertility issues, in which case it can sometimes be a good idea to reduce the number of days in a row you have sex right before your prime fertility time, just have a lot of sex and have fun doing it!  Especially if you are newly trying to conceive, this is one of the top ways to up your chances of getting pregnant…and it will reduce your stress, anxiety, and many points of marital conflict in the meantime.

Reduce stress.  Everyone knows that stress can negatively affect your chances to get pregnant.  It’s simple – stress is a biological sign to your body of possible impending hardship.  We were not designed to live stressful lives on a day to day basis.  Figure out what works for you to reduce the day to day stress in your life.  It will help you get pregnant, have a healthy pregnancy, be a better parent, and lead a happier life.

Be health conscious and explore holistic care.  Eat a healthy diet that would be safe for early pregnancy.  Exercise daily, but don’t go overboard.  Be out in nature.  Reduce exposure to any harmful or toxic things in your environment.  Take a yoga class.  See an acupuncturist.  Explore herbs to enhance fertility.  Ever heard of ayurveda or homeopathy?  Be open-minded to all of the options available to you that have been shown to benefit your health and your fertility.  Seek out peers for your journey as well as healers to partner with you as you work to improve your health and receptivity to a new life.

Chart your cycles, but don’t marry your chart.  Charting your cycles is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of what is happening in your body on a monthly basis and specifically, to identify your whole window of possible fertility.  Begin to notice patterns, have extra sex around the time of your peak fertility, start to get to know your body’s behaviors, but don’t let your chart stress you out.  Don’t go through it with a fine tooth comb every month.  Don’t worry if you forget a day here or a stamp there.  Stop waking up early to take your temperature.  Find a method that is easy and non-intrusive for you, use it to gain information, and be willing to set it aside or throw it away if it is encroaching on your life.

The preconception period is a journey – a longer journey for some than originally anticipated.  Use this time to develop yourself, create healthy habits and home life, and bolster your relationship with your partner.  Your baby and your sanity will thank you.



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